10 Canadian Funny Facts

Canada is one of the most exciting places in the world. Beautiful places to visit, lakes, parks, and glaciers and in some regions harsh winters are all that you can enjoy in Canada. Natural landscapes are the greatest attractions for the visitors. Canada contains more lakes and inland waters than any other country in the world. Some areas of Canada face extreme snowfall and harsh winters. It offers the residents to enjoy a healthy and clean environment with the opportunities to excel and make their life successful. Visitors enjoy trips to lakes and rivers, food and culture, and the extreme cold characteristics of the temperature. We have some Canadian funny facts for you to enjoy. You can share these facts with your friends and family to enjoy your time and have a good laugh.



1) Canada is almost 41 times the size of the UK .
2) Summer in Canada is when it stops snowing and there it's called july!
3) Forests cover almost half of Canada.
4) Canada is entirely made of snow and road sand!
5) The lowest temperature recorded in Canada was -63 degrees Celsius
6) In Canada it is illegal to own a TV!
7) The Best Music in the world comes from Canada.
8) Canada has the world's longest coastline
9) It is illegal in Canada to use the letter "O" without putting a "U" after it!
10) Most Canadians are friendly and pleasant to speak with.

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