10 Funny Facts about Animals and Birds

We as humans are blessed with the colors of nature to make us feel good and pleasant. The animals and birds we see around everyday and everywhere gives you a feeling of happiness and joy. The make our sight worth looking. These creatures are so attracting and innocent that no one can ignore the sight and move ahead. The churning of birds in the morning gives a very soothing and pleasant feeling. Nature has decorated the world with these little creatures for humans. Whether it is birds or fishes, cats or dogs, elephant or monkey every animal amaze us in a different way. The funny element is of all the animals and birds we see around can give us a good laugh. We have some funny facts about animals and birds. You read these amazing funny facts and share it with your family and friends to your day more joyous and full of fun.



1) On an average a hen lays 19 dozen eggs in a year.
2) Never get a camel angry, for he or she will spit at you.
3) The small intestine of an ostrich measures upto 46-feet in length.
4) Some parrot species must fly over 500 miles a day in the wild to forage for food.
5) Sleeping beauties! Gorillas sleep upto fourteen hours, a day.
6) The shape of a bird's beak directly corresponds to the type of diet it eats in the wild.
7) Sharks are the only known species to never suffer from cancer.
8) A goat's eyes have got rectangular pupils.
9) The length of an elephant is the same as the tongue of a blue whale.
10) The most common bird on the planet is the Chicken.

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