10 Funny Facts about Chocolate

Chocolate can be the most yummy treat you can think of. It is liked by the majority of people throughout the world. Some people like to enjoy dark chocolate flavors and some enjoy by mixing it with other flavors. In every form chocolate is certainly the world’s most popular flavor. It is hence the most consumed flavor in the world. No matter you are you a kid or an adult people enjoy chocolates along with their meals, as appetizers as well as on special occasions. Chocolates are also enjoyed as gifts. For some people there could be nothing better than gifting chocolates to your loved ones. On special occasions chocolates are the yummiest treat for people. If you are also a chocolate lover, here are some funny facts about chocolates. These facts are really interest to know. You can enjoy these facts by sharing it with your family and friends.



1) Chocolate is a great natural antidepressant.
2) More than twice as many women than men eat and crave chocolate.
3) Chocolate is poisonous to dogs.
4) Quality dark chocolate contains flavonoids which help reduced the risk of heart disease and cancer.
5) It is observed that chocolate cravings cannot be satisfied by any sweet/candy other than chocolate itself
6) Hershey’s is the oldest and largest chocolate company in the U.S.
7) Contrary to popular belief, chocolate does NOT contribute to acne.
8) Almost half the world's chocolate is consumed in America.
9) Most cocoa comes from West Africa.
10) Chocolate is rich in magnesium and iron.

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