10 Funny Facts about Dolphins

Dolphins are the most friendly animals on earth. These are the wonderful creatures with intelligence and friendly instinct. Dolphins have been interacting with humans from their existence. Unlike whales and other deadly sea animals, dolphins have a long history of friendly relations with humans. Dolphins are so intelligent that they learn the acts taught to them quickly and promptly. They remember their human friends and have never been a threat to them. Dolphin shows are the greatest attracting for kids as well as adults. These types of shows are a proof of the friendly nature of this animal. Here are some funny facts about dolphins. These facts are very interesting and funny. You can share these facts with your family and friends to let them know more about dolphins and to enjoy your time to the fullest.


1) A female dolphin is called a “cow”.
2) Dolphins investigate their surroundings by using sound.
3) Their brain is bigger than the monkey.
4) Dolphins sleep with one half of their brain plus one eye closed.
5) Dolphins do not chew their food. They swallow it whole!
6) Dolphins are not endangered.
7) Dolphins are very social animals that can live together in pods.
8) They have 100 teeth.
9) The dolphin may eat up to 30 pounds of fish a day.
10) Some kinds of dolphins can hold their breath for 30 minutes.

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