10 Funny Facts about Football and Soccer Sports

Sports in every form and in every category are healthy for kids as well as for adults. Soccer and football is a kind of sports in which a person enjoys a lot of running. This physical exercise keeps the person fit and healthy. The more you walk or run the more your stamina is built. Physical exercises in the sports are also very important for the mental growth of body. Soccer and football are the highest ranking sports in most parts of the world. Whether you play or watch the level of excitement is equal both ways. If you are also a soccer and football lover, we have a collection of some funny facts. You will enjoy these funny facts about soccer and football. In your family and friends gatherings you can share these to make your time more joyous and full of laughter.



1) Soccer is the world's most popular team sport
2) Soccer is called football in practically every country except the US and Canada
3) The first football ever used was round.
4) The proper name of soccer is "association football"
5) About 4,500 teams of kids ages 7 to 15 play Pop Warner football.
6) Soccer-like games were played in China as many as 2000 years ago.
7) With almost $1 billion in yearly revenues, the NFL is the world’s richest professional sports league.
8) The World Cup is soccer's most desired prize.
9) The largest attendance for a NFL regular-season game is 103,467
10) A soccer ball weighs between 14 and 16 ounces

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