10 Funny Facts about Insects

Insects are the creepy creatures that are sometimes very irritating and annoying. Bugs, ants, spiders, cockroach and houseflies are the most common ones that we see in our houses. Walking by a road, or while enjoying in a park you may get the chance of interacting with these creepy crawlies. Some will bite you and some will rash your skin. Cockroach, ants and houseflies are found all over in households. They will try to attack your food as soon as you leave it uncovered.  For some people creepy creatures like spiders and worms are a part of their food but for some they are simply annoying. You may have experienced something funny with the insects around you. We have some funny facts about insects. These are very funny and you can share these with your buddies to make your time full of laughter like never before.



1) "No one can live in or visit Australia without having personal contact with Ants"
2) A cockroach can live for nine days without its head.
3) All insects have three pairs of legs.
4) Houseflies find sugar with their feet.
5) Ants can lift and carry more than fifty times their own weight.
6) Dragonflies can fly at speeds up to 30 miles per hour.
7) Butterflies and moths are found on all land masses except Antarctica.
8) Insects have been present for about 350 million years, and humans for only 130,000 years.
9) The eggs of walking stick insects are among the largest in the insect world.
10) The color a head louse will be as an adult can depend on the color of the person's hair in which it lives.

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