10 Funny Facts about Space

When you think of space the first point that comes to your mind is solar system. But other than that space is boundless and have uncountable galaxies, stars, planets and many other unidentified objects. Many scientists have devoted their lives to understand the mysteries of space. They have contributed to our understanding of the answers to the questions about galaxies, planets and the solar system. Space crafts are being sent to discover the moon surface, unknown planets, number of galaxies and a lot other concepts. Have you ever read the facts about space! If not, we have a collection for you. Here are some funny and interesting facts about space. These facts will amaze you and will give you a good laugh. You can share these with your buddies and family members to make them aware of some of the most amazing facts and to enjoy a good laugh with them, so go ahead and have a good time.



1) Golf is the only sport to have been 'played' on the moon.
2) Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
3) The energy in the sunlight we see today started out in the core of the Sun 30,000 years ago.
4) It would take more than 150 years to drive a car to the sun.
5) Footprints and tyre tracks left behind by astronauts on the moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow them away.
6) If two pieces of metal touch in space, they become permanently stuck together.
7) Because of lower gravity, a person who weighs 100kg on earth would only weigh 38kg on the surface of Mars.
8) If the sun suddenly stopped shining it would take eight minutes for people on earth to be aware of it.
9) All the planets in our solar system could be placed inside the planet Jupiter.
10) The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust.

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