10 Funny Facts about the Digestive System

Digestive system is one of the most important functions of the human body. After the intake of food our digestive system absorbs and transports all the nutrients to the body. Digestion involves mixing of food with digestive juices and breaking down larger molecules to smaller molecules. A number of organs like mouth stomach and intestines make up a digestive system. Learning about the facts about our digestive system can be great fun. We have a collection of some funny facts about the digestive system. These fun facts can both entertain you and surprise you. These facts will educate you about how your digestive system works and also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can share these funny facts with your family and friends to make there aware as well as to enjoy your time full of fun and laughter like never before.



1) In your lifetime, your digestive system may handle about 50 tons!!
2) An adult’s stomach can hold approximately 1.5 liters of material.
3) Our saliva glands produce 2 litres of saliva everyday.
4) In the mouth, food is either cooled or warmed to a more suitable temperature.
5) Food sloshing in the stomach can last 3-4 hours.
6) The human liver performs 500 different functions.
7) It takes 3 hours for food to move through the intestine.
8) The stomach's wall is lined with three layers of powerful muscles.
9) It takes your mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, pancreas and liver just to digest a glass of milk.
10) Muscles contract in waves to move the food down the oesophagus.

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