10 Funny Facts for Kids and Children

Children are the most innocent and naughty members of our family. It is nearly a challenge to grow up your children in a manner that can make them responsible adults and constructive members of the society. Parents need to become their friends as well as their teachers. The whole life of children is dependent on what they learn. It is necessary for the parents to spend more time with their children to teach them the values and norms of the family and of the society. Giving your children a good quality of time, making them learn, playing with them and going out with them is important in order to make them realize the importance of parents and family. Here are some funny facts about children that you can share with your children to make your family time more joyous and full of laughter.



1) Some Children and grownups who read a lot read are often called "bookworms".
2) The Chocolate Chip Cookie was an accident.
3) The youngest pope was 11 years old.
4) The first kind of PENCIL was a bunch of GRAPHITE sticks held together by string
5) Most Eskimos don't live in igloos.
6) Did you know, a group of chicken is called a flock
7) The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9
8) Blueberry juice boosts memory.
9) Did you know, that there are 300 bones in children body.
10) Ice Cream is chinese food!

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