8 Funny Aliens, Dwarfs, Dragons, Monsters, and Dinosaurs Facts

Aliens, dwarfs, dragons, monsters and dinosaurs are the names of such creatures that are now the part of history and the characters of fairy tales. In fact, scientists believe that all these creatures were present on the earth since a long time ago. They claim their evidence on behalf of some proofs that they have collected either in the form of fossils or from very old books, written by famous writers of past. Anyway, what is the reality behind, no one can claim. The thing to consider is that, all these creatures are now a part of our fairy tales and many filmmakers are using these concepts in their movies. This media advertisement has played a vital role in making these names more famous all over the world. There are many interesting but funny facts about aliens, dwarfs, dragons, monsters and dinosaurs that you can read from the following lines as well.



1. Aliens are those beings who are not born on this planet we call our home.


2. Some Dragon slayers kept the heads and tails of Dragons they had killed to show how brave they had been.  


3. Only two dwarfs are known to have lived to the age of 100.


4. Dinosaurs lived and evolved for over 185 million years until they became extinct. 


5. Aliens are real to this planet and we refer to many of them as extraterrestrials. 


6. Soldiers believed that a sword dipped in Dragons blood, made wounds that would never heal.


7. Giganotosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur discovered.


8. Some people even said that if Dragons teeth were sown in the ground they would grow into fighting soldiers.

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