7 Amazing Funny Exercise, Health, Medical and Obesity Facts

There is a common saying that without good health, each and every blessing is just waste. Yes, this is one of biggest realities of this world. Have you ever thought that what the causes of bad health are? Normally, we do not take care of our diet and health due to excessive work load. We do not go for a walk or do even a little exercise to maintain our fitness. Similarly, we have forgotten the meaning of healthy and balanced diet. All these things become the cause of obesity and ultimately bad health. Once, we got affected by any severe disease, we cry but the time has lost and nothing remains in our hand. So, the best thing to maintain good health is to avoid obesity, the first. To avoid obesity, balanced diet and regular exercise is mandatory. Here are some amazing and funny facts about exercise, health, medical and obesity.



1. One work related injury occurs in every 8 seconds.


2. Studies have shown that if you exercise every day, you will increase your energy level.


3. According to researchers, those who exercise frequently are the ones who are often spared from heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and loss of muscle mass. Plus, it keeps you looking younger and fresh every day.


4. Certain drugs, such as steroids and some antidepressants, may cause excessive weight gain or obesity.


5. Women tend to be more overweight than men. The reason is that men have a higher resting metabolic rate than women.


6. Medical researchers contend that no disease ever identified has been completely eradicated.


7. You burn more calories in sleeping than you do watching television.

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