11 Funny Walt Disney, Warner Bros and Disneyland Facts

The children are the cutest thing present on the planet earth. They are the reason for the smile on the tense faces after a whole day’s work and intense pressure of work. These children are the future of the country and they are our future leaders so their personality should be built with immense care and they should be taken care well and given every skill and taught every manner which is necessary for them to deal with the problems and difficulties which they are going to face later in the life. They should have proper entertainment so that they can also enjoy the life and for this purpose the cartoons are the most reliable source. The Disney and Warner Bros are the most famous name of the entertainment world and kids love to see their created cartoons. Here are few interesting facts about them which well make these characters more interesting.



1. The opening day crowd at Disney’s Magic Kingdom® Park was approximately 10,000 guests.


2. Disneyland’s original Tinker Bell was a 71-year-old Hungarian circus performer named Tiny Kline


3. Children’s Fairyland in Oakland was one of the major inspirations for Disneyland.


4. From groundbreaking to opening, Disneyland was built in just 365 days.


5. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Fantasyland is located on the site of the former Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.


6. Cinderella Castle, the centerpiece of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, features 18 towers and 13 gargoyles.


7. Mickey’s Toontown Fair was once known as both Mickey’s Birthdayland and Mickey’s Starland.


8. The audio-animatronic dog in the Carousel of Progress is named “Rover.”


9. The design of Main Street U.S.A. was loosely based on Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri.


10.  Frank Sinatra showed up on opening day and took a spin around Autopia.


11. At least three babies have been born at Disneyland.

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