9 Funny Facts to With Stick Insects

There are many types of organism that has been produced by the nature and they are also given natural defenses to protect them against the other different predators.  These natural defenses are given by nature in any kind. Some of them are in form of the color while others are in form of smell. Some animals are given some special organs to defend themselves as well as to hunt their prey and use this prey to fill their need and to survive. Every organism is blessed with some special ability which not only helps him to survive but also tends to give it an extra advantage on the other animals. These safety measures and defensive things are necessary for the survival of species on the planet earth otherwise it would become extinct in no time. The other organism will consume it as it has no defensive technique to guard it and to save itself from cruelty of other organisms.



1. Indian Stick Insects are just one variety.


2.  Stick Insect Eggs are round and brown with a yellow nodule.


3. Stick insects can shed and regenerate their limbs to escape attacks by predators.


4. Stick insects can reproduce parthenogenetically, without the need for males.


5. Stick insects not only look like sticks, they act like them, too.


6. Nymphs usually eat their molted skin.


7. Only one in one thousand Indian stick insects are male


8. These creatures breathe through a series of holes called spiracles which are located along the side of the body.


9. Not all stick insects are boring brown.

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