13 Funny Hitler Facts

There might be any person in the whole world, which would be unaware about the personality and character of Hitler. Adolf Hitler, the former German Chancellor, is not only famous for its leading role in World War II, but also for its cruel behavior with common people. These are those aspects of Hitler’s life that everyone knows. However, there is another aspect of Hitler’s life as well that might not know. This is the funny things about Hitler. Yes, this is the hidden aspect of Hitler’s life that only a few people know. In fact, you cannot say that Hitler do these funny deeds intentionally, but later on some acts of Hitler were came in front of the whole world as of hilarious nature. If you also want to know all these funny facts about Hitler, just read this amazing collection that i have collected just for you and amuse like me.



1.  Hitler loves the circus. He takes real pleasure in the idea that underpaid performers are risking their

lives to please him.


2. Being the animal lover, and the just generally gentle guy that Hitler was, before killing himself, he made sure that his dog was euthanized as well. 


3. Hitler regularly ate up to two pounds of chocolate a day, in addition to pastries and hot chocolate with copious amounts of whipped cream.


4. Hitler loves comedies and will often laugh merrily at Jewish comedians. Hitler even liked a few Jewish singers, but after hearing them.


5. Hitler had many medical conditions. For instance, his left hand would shake. This was due to Parkinson’s disease.


6. Hitler could whistle loudly and on pitch, and could even reproduce long passages from Wagner with incredible accuracy. 


7. When Hitler was a young student he used to defend his Jewish colleagues from the bullying of the Christian Germans and Austrians.


8.  Hitler has no interest in sports or games of any kind and never exercised, except for an occasional walk.


9. Hitler’s middle name was Elizabeth. So imagine when Hitler got in trouble as a kid. “Adolf Elizabeth Hitler!


10. Hitler isn’t interested in wild animal acts, unless there is a woman in danger.


11. Hitler was a cat enthusiast. He was especially fond of his own cat, Schnitzel. 


12. No matter how warm Hitler feels, Hitler will never take off his coat in public.


13. Hitler often enjoyed listening to Jewish singers. Afterwards he would remark that it was too bad that they were not caring.

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