8 Funny Pokemon Facts

In 1996, Nintendo that is a famous video game company published a new media franchise under the name of Pokemon. Pokemon is a world famous gaming series that has gain much fame all over the world that now it truly claimed as the second most widely playing gaming series after Mario. The famous game of Pokemon series are like Pokeman Ruby and sapphire, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon Red and blue, Pokemon Black and White and many more. In fact, youngsters are crazy about all these games, developed under the title of Pokemon. People, who love to Play Pokemon are not only crazy about its upcoming versions, but also want to know some cheats as well as funny facts about Pokemon. If you are also a lover of Pokemon, you can enjoy these funny facts about Pokemon that i have gathered just for you. So, read these funny facts and play Pokemon with more interest.



1. Gyarados is a flying type that can only bounce and yet Doduo and Dodrio can learn fly despite having no wings.


2. Hitmonchan is based on Jackie Chan! Hitmonlee is based on Bruce Lee! They are play on words. Hitmonchan= Jackie Chan, Hitmonlee= Bruce Lee


3. In Japanese, Drowzee's name is literally Sleep (it even caused the Dub team to make an error on the episode Hypno's Naptime)


4. Dragonair is 11 or so feet. But Dragonite is only 7' how can this be????? And if so in the show that is a new pokemon not a dragonite. It's a bran new pokemon!


5. Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram and Zekrom all have the exact same base stats (a 150, two 120s, two 100s and a 90), just arranged differently. As of Black and White, Rayquaza is the only Dragon-typed version mascot that doesn't have this stat distribution. 


6. There is only 3 dragon pokemon in the game and only one dragon skill.


7. If you trade a pokemon with a person with the same name as you ex. ASH and ASH it will count as you traded with yourself so it will not gain extrapoints and grow faster. This way if you do it you can train pokemon without badges. But if it is ASH and Ash it will not work.


8. when the game told me your pokemon can't attack when all moves are out of PP then i found out about the type-less move struggle. whoops! i posted this in the wrong thread i meant it to go into the "wait. what? moments" thread.

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