Funny Background Pictures for Desktop, Iphone and Ipad

When working too much stresses you out, a funny background image of your laptop is sure to bring a smile on your face. Too much work can cause tension and mental stress. Being gloomy certainly affects your ability to concentrate fully on your task. The best way to get rid of bad mood and anxiety is to smile. Laughter can diminish stress, improve pain tolerance and increase motivation. In your busy world when you don’t have time take a break and laugh with others, a hilarious image set as your desktop background can do the magic. A funny picture or an image with a joke can bring you comic relief and diminish stress. A stress relieving background that makes you smile or even laugh is sure to brighten your spirits. A variety of downloadable funny desktop images are available on internet. Here are some of the most hilarious images for you to set as your desktop background. They will surely make you smile.





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