See Funny College Life Pictures

College pranks are really funny these days. E.G welcome party with lot of humour, to tease the teacher, bunk the classes. There are few pranks on new students like by splitting ink, water and juices. And others like Writing Wired Things for example class name, Squad name etc. And Different concert picture, College funny pictures are of a humorous or bizarre nature. There are different class pranks in the lecture while professor are giving lecture some of them are dozing, sleeping, chatting, playing games and as a result professor shouts .The punishment outside pictures, while standing in the corridor or outside the principle room standing. Relaxing on the chair in the lecture, funny sports activities.Funny assignments picture making drawing in it. Student jokes, events pictures, trip picture, camping pictures. The college is a young student educator so they do different funny things in the college. These are funny college.





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