Funny Football Pictures

Funny football pictures spread here and there on YouTube portal and so many other social networks. The rolling ball among feet of twenty two players is in itself a funny picture of the game. Funny soccer pictures are very the player’s doing different stunts. Sometimes they fall while doing stunts like flying kicks, head shot, backward kick, while dribbling, by skidding. After goal the do different type of funny thing in excitements like dance, take of their shirt or hilarious action. Sometime goal keeper does their own goal that’s became funny, acting like a top player’s in the field and show off as well. Sometimes they by fault do foul game and get a card yellow/red by refry, got plenty shot, sometime they miss the plenty shot. While doing different stunts they became very famous like famous ones Cristiano Rolando, Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney. While scoring a goal at a sudden whistle blown by refry and some teams lose by 1 or 2 goal by that score.





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