Funny Optical Illusion Pictures

Optical illusions are amazing images that are visually perceived differently from the reality. Illusions deceive the human eye and trick it into seeing something that’s not real. In some optical illusions changing the viewpoint continuously makes static pictures seem to be moving. Some illusions have disappearing effects; when you stare into them, the image fades out. Some show different objects when viewed from different angles. You might be able to see a frog and a horse in the same image when you focus on it. Or you may view a beautiful lady and a scary devil in the same image. Depth perception is also possible in optical illusions. In such cases even objects on the same leveled surface look like they have different height levels. Some images through design patterns make regular figures look distorted. Optical illusions are fun exercises for your brain and they check your brain’s perception level. Here is a collection of such funny optical illusions. Enjoy these brain teasers.














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