Funny Pictures Caught on Google Street View

Google street view funny pictures is a Google maps feature that let the viewers to view picture at panoramic views of  horizontal angle 360° and vertical angle of 290°.  Since the launch of this service is available in countries like USA, UK, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Mexico and the Netherland.  In these funny pictures you can see many situations that are the pictures of some animal unique in size, colour and weight. Furthermore, it is seen that many pictures of these street views like man kissing a bird, hydrant fire, hanging pictures of objects, aliens fighting with business persons, thrilling emotions of individuals when they came across some funny or wonderful situations, some funny pictures of street jokers, couple making funny poses of dance, funny car parking, how important buildings are actually the living place of animals, locked car wheels and many more street views captured by Google maps are source of fun for millions of viewers.





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