Funny Carved Pumpkin Pictures

To make funny picture of pumpkin is not a big deal but needs lot of skill, hard work and love of work. Once this vegetable was considered useless and not too many dishes of it have their top place on dining table. But now the situation is very different and becoming very useful and no more a handicap. Their hard coat shells to its seeds have been used nowadays in variety of ways. Pumpkin with funny faces, pumpkin in form of burgers, the octopus conquering the pumpkin  like a sea Iceland and smiling like a king and ruler. There are many drawings of funny pumpkin pictures like scary hands, skull pictures, the growling witches, weird skinned pumpkin,  the witch with long nose made up of pumpkin stem, pumpkin master pieces given by master thesis of degree college students, scary faces and flashers are all source of fun and entertainment not for the creator but also for the viewer.




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