Funny Spongebob Pictures with Funny Captions

Spongebob is a famous animated tv series loved by kids.It is popular for its adventurous episodes. The lead character of the show, Spongebob, is a sponge who lives at the bottom of thePacific Ocean with his pet snail. His best friend, the stupid Patrick, who considers himself as an intelligent starfish is certainly nothing less than the soul of the show.The series is loosely based on the life of Seattle and it humorously depicts real life.As a whole it is a charming animated series. The show is equally loved by the children and the adults. The interesting episodes with their alluring fun factor are certainly a good treat after a stressed day. The comical dialogues and the hilarious expressions of the characters serve as a pleasant fun provider. The series is loved for the adventures of the Spongebob.Here is a collection of adventurous pictures of Spongebob.







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