Weird Funny but Scary Pictures

Scary funny pictures can be either animated or of some real objects presented in frightened way. They can produce fear at first glance but after realising the situation a big laughter will produce. Some scary pictures of witch, animal pictures animated in scary way, scary pranks, scary optical illusions, evil crowns and many more are not only the source of fear but also  become source of laughter at the same interval of time. These scary pictures are actually parody and animation of horror movies. All these seem to be merciless and less enjoyable. But these scary pictures and videos are source of fun for some people and caught other in scare and frighten.  The damage faces and tore up organs are portrayed as scary funny pictures and considered to be a source of fun and frighten once at a time. Another form of scary picture is picture of a animal in very awesome situation are also taken as scary funny pictures.






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