11 Funny Jokes about Cricket and Hockey

Cricket and hockey are the most famous Asian sports and are liked and played by a large number of audiences. A bat and a ball make the players go crazy trying to score more and win by hook and crook. Hockey is played in a number of different forms. You can play hockey on ground and on ice as well whereas cricket is played on the ground with a pitch in between. Whether it is world cup season or tournaments between teams of different countries, cricket and hockey fans stay updated and enjoy each and every match to the fullest. Watching a match of your favorite sports at the ground is exciting but playing is much more fun filled. Sports lovers never need a ground to play, all they need is a bat and a ball and they can make their time full of fun. Here is a collection of funny jokes about cricket and hockey. You can share these jokes and make your time full of fun and laughter.



1) The two rival cricketers were talking. 'The local team wants me to play for them very badly.'
'Well, you're just the man for the job.'


2) Q: How did the blonde break her leg playing hockey with the Toronto Maple Leafs?
A: She fell out of the tree.


3) The two clubmen were talking. 'So you had a hard time explaining the cricket game to your wife, eh?'
'I certainly did. She found out I wasn't there.'


4) How do you know a leper is playing ice hockey?
There's a 'face-off' in the corner.


5) The disgruntled batsman stormed into the pavilion and flung down his bat.
'Terrible' he shouted. 'I've never played so badly before'
The captain looked up. 'Oh, you've played before, have you?'


6) What's the difference between a hockey mom and pit bull?
You can neuter a pit bull!


7) You're looking glum'. 'Yes. My doctor says I can't play cricket.'
'Really? I didn't know he'd ever seen you play!'


8) Q: What has 11 heads and runs around a pitch screaming?
A: A girls' hockey team!


9) The cricketer had been forced to go to the opera by his wife and her friends. A team mate asked him, 'What was it about?'
'I don't know,' admitted the cricketer. 'I was asleep for the first two innings!'


10) What do the Leafs and Raptors have in common?
Neither one can play hockey!! haha get it?


11) There's a man in Croydon who claims to have invented a game that in certain respects is a bit like cricket.
What he doesn't know is that the England team has been playing it for years.

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