5 Funny Jokes to Do on the Last Day of School

Last day at school or any other institution is always an unforgettable day. This day brings sadness more than happiness. Students are happy because they have completed their preliminary studies, but they are sad because years of friendship have come to an end. They share their happy moments as well as sad moments at the same time. They laugh together and cry remembering those moments. Usually it happens that juniors give a farewell party to their seniors at their passing out. This party becomes more memorable if it is given at the last day of school. Different ways are there to celebrate this day and to make this day more memorable and unforgettable. Usually different title are given to students by their other mates and the student who are leaving the school give titles to their teachers and juniors and dedicate songs to them. On the whole, this day is always something more than a day in every student’s life.


1. Son: I always didn’t want to go to school

Dad: Why not?

Son: I didn’t feel well.

Dad: Where didn’t you feel well?

Son: In school!


2. Teacher: We have a test today come rain or shine, so what’s so great about that?

Student: It’s snowing outside!


3. Dad: How do you like going to school?

Son: The going and coming bit is fine, but I am not too keep on time in between.  


4. Q: Why did the music teacher need a ladder?

A: To reach the high notes….


5. Teacher: Why were you late?

Student: I overslept

Teacher: You mean you need to sleep at home too?

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