7 Funny Jokes about Hair and Barbers

Beautiful black, manageable and naturally healthy hair adds beauty and style to the personality of a person. Hair is as much important as your facial beauty. Every girl desires to have long beautiful and healthy looking hair. Even boys are very conscious to make their hair look good. Proper styling of hair is very important to make a person presentable. In styling your hair barbers have an important role. They can make your hair look beautiful by giving you a proper hair cut.  If you are blessed with naturally beautiful hair and your barber have given you a perfect hair cut according to your hair type and looks, it will add to your confidence and have a positive social impact. In today’s generation, we can see boys being conscious in styling their hair and getting a perfect hair cut just as girls do. Shampoos and conditioners have made hair care easy for people. Here are some jokes about hair and barbers for you to read and enjoy.



1) Customer: Why doesn't my hairline look good?
Barber: It's on the same old head.


2) I went to my barber this afternoon and I couldn't help noticing that he had dirty hands so I asked him about it.
He said, "I can't help it, nobody has asked for a shampoo today."


3) The barber says, 'What will it be today?'
Alan replies says, 'Well just make it all out of shape and messed up.'
The barber answers frowning, 'Now why do you want your hair cut like that?'
Alan says, 'That's how you cut it last time.'


4) Why do bald-headed men never use keys?
Because they've lost their locks.


5) Barber: And how old are you, little man? Fred: Eight. Barber: And do you want a haircut? Fred: Well, I certainly didn't come in for a shave!


6) "Were any of your boyish ambitions ever realized?" asked the sentimentalist.
"Yes," replied the practical person. "When my mother used to cut my hair I often wished I might be bald-headed."


7) How much for a haircut? Barber: Fifteen dollars. How much for a shave? Barber: Ten dollars. Right – shave my head.

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