9 Funny Jokes about Ipad, Ipods, and Iphones

Want to enjoy the usage of an Iphone, operating all the latest applications of Ipads, Ipods is fun. Having any of these devices is nothing less than a treasure. All of these devices are loaded with the latest applications for its users to enjoy each and every of its function. These devices are like a hand held computer with the option to make calls. The applications of these devices are increasing day by day setting the latest trends for people. Using Twitter, Facebook, and all other social blogs is full of fun and you can stay connected to the world with an ease. Following the trends, it has now become more of a fashion to be a mac person whether you are in your college, university or at workplace.  Using an iphone, enjoying games, music, updating your status and sharing multimedia applications is full of excitement. You can never get bored if you have such a device. To make you laugh and enjoy we have some funny jokes about Ipads, Ipods and Iphones. You can share these with your buddies and stay connected.



1) Apple’s new tablet is so new, so revolutionary, you just cant carry it in a boring bag.
Today we envision a bold future as we ask….
“How will you carry your Ipad.”


2) Why u seem so interested in having an Ipod?
I've been looking at the iPod. One of the interesting things about the iPod, one of the things that people love most about it is not the technology; it's the box it comes in.


3) Bloke kicks an empty bottle and a genie appears and says "I
grant you
one wish"
Bloke says "I wish my iphone4 would not drop calls..."
Genie says "I said you could have a wish not a miracle!"


4) I have a bought Ipad nano
It is the Ipad that fits in your pocket
Ohh…and it makes phone calls


5) My Ipod is loaded with all the applications. When will you buy yours?
I wouldn't have an iPod,
It’s something about the laziness that I don't like. I don't like having it that available.


6) A Man has been found floating face down in a river, wearing
women’s make up, with an adult toy inserted and holding an iphone4,
Police have removed the iphone4 to save the family any embarrasment.


7) I want an Ipad which is an expensive and bulky one.
No don’t go for such an Ipad. Everything thinks you are douchebags


8) My children - in many dimensions they're as poorly behaved as many other children, but at least on this dimension
I've got my kids brainwashed: You don't use Google, and you don't use an iPod.


9) Teacher at school asks the children "what does your father do?"
Little John raises his hand and says, "My dad's a stripper in a gay
bar, and if the money is right, he will give head and swallow"
Teacher takes him outside the classroom and asks "is this true?"
Little boy says no Miss, he designed the iphone 4 but I was too embarrassed to say.

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