Funny Jokes of Elephant and Ant

Human beings are always interested in other creatures; either they are life under the water, big animals like elephants or little insects like ant. Some jokes are popular all around the world, and people from every age love to hear and tell them. Jokes about elephant and ant belong to same category. They are loved by everyone, not just the kids but elders also really like them. A large number of such jokes are popular all around the world and everyone enjoys them. These jokes are great source of relaxation for kids and elders. The combination of these creatures, elephant and ant, is really interesting. One is really small and other is one of the largest animals. We can associate many funny things with them. These jokes are told not just in parties but in everyday life as well. Here are some interesting elephant and ant jokes for you.



1. One day elephant was riding a scooter and ant was sitting on the back seat. Suddenly they met with an accident. They both fall from the scooter on their heads but only elephant got hurt... how..??? because ant was wearing the helmet.


2. Its ant's birthday and both decide to go for a long drive on a bike...
in spite of elephants warning ant exceeds the speed limit....and both of them meet with an accident... And elephant will be badly injured and will be admitted in hospital...
Ant comes running to the doctor saying doctor take my blood, it's B Positive


3. Once an hunter was chasing an elephant, the elephant ran into a forest, on the way it met its Ant friend,
Ant : Hey, why are you running?
Elephant: Hunter is chasing me.
Ant (Generously): You come and hide behind me.
Elephant: ??!


4. Two Ants were walking on a Road when they saw one Elephant coming from the opposite side.
One Ant told another ant. Let's go and beat him up.
What did the other ant told her?
 No forget it yaar, he is alone.


5. Ant and elephant decide to play hide and seek...
ant goes out to hide and elephants comes to seek...
ant runs into the temple to hide, and elephant comes to
Ant's slippers are left outside

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