Funny Aha Jokes

There are many people all over the world that love to read funny stuff even having tough and tense routine life. In fact, laughing is a kind of therapy that vanishes the worries of people. Funny jokes are the best way to eliminate the tensions of people. This is the reason that lot of intelligent persons are working hard to introduce many funny jokes on daily basis. You can say that these intelligent people are the real therapists of people that want to reduce their metal worries by involving in the spell of these funny jokes. Internet has become very excellent source of reading such funny jokes that many people post on different blogs. If you have also become tired of your boring and tough routine life and want to make your time just relaxing and humorous, you can search about funny jokes at internet. Here I have some very funny Aha jokes to make your time just chill.



1. Did you hear about hte new French tank?

Yeah, It has 14 gears. 13 go in reverse, and one goes foreward incase the enemy attacks from behind


2. Girl: Which laptop do you use?

Boy- Dell XP, i7 procssr 2.5ghz, led display 6gb ram, 1tb hrd disk and 2gb NVDIA grafix crd.

Boy: And which one do you use?

Girl- Black one..


3. Two neighbors are talking to each other.

First neighbor: Do you know that my dog is so smart, he waits for the newspaper to drop at the doorstep and then delivers it to me?

Second neighbor: Of course, I know that very well.

First neighbor: Really, well then, how?

Second neighbor: My dog came and told me.


4. Doctor: You should do exercise daily, it is great for mind and body

Man: I play cricket,volleyball, football regularly..

Doctor: Good, nut how long do you do this..

Man: Until battery of cell goes down…


5. Teacher: What makes you see?

Bobyjack: My eyes, my nose and my ears.

Teacher: True for the eyes but why for your ears and nose?

Bobyjack: It's to hold my glasses!!!


6. Boss: It is too much, Have you seen the time, why are you late?

Employee: Sir, The road was so slippery that for every two steps I took ahead, I slipped back four..

Boss: Do not make fool of me, than tell me how did you come here?

Employee: I finally quieted and tried going back to home..

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