Funny Asian Jokes

Asian people are famous all over the world due to their funny attitude. The best example of their humorous behavior is funny stuff written by Asian people. In fact, here the meaning of funny stuff is not only funny stories and quotes, but the jokes are the most prominent type of this humorous stuff. Jokes of Asian people can be seen both in written form as well as in verbal form. Asian people are so much funny that they use jokes not only in their written material, but also use funny jokes in their common language. If you are an Asian person, you will surely admit this reality. However, if you are not Asian, but have some relation with anyone Asian person, you will also admit this reality. Here are some Asian jokes just for your amusement, so don’t get late and read these funny Asian jokes to make your time just chill and happy.



1. How do you know if a Chinese person has robbed your house?

Your homework is done, your computer is upgraded,


2. How do Chinese parents decide on a name for their newborn?

Throw a quarter in the garbage disposal. Ching Chong Chin Chang


3. Me: Is that a noodle in your hair?

James: Story of my life. I should be on a show. True Life: Asian. True Rife.


4. Today was more disappointing than an Asian student getting a "A" on their test.

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