Funny Indian Jokes

Indian civilization is truly called one of the most ancient civilizations of the globe. This is the reason that Indian culture is enriched with every field of art and literature. Here we can see millions of intellectuals both in present and past time that have worked well in the field s of art and literature. As fun or humor is also very important field of present art and we cannot claim any literature complete without addition of funny stuff. In funny stuff, jokes are the most beloved item and when we talk about especially Indian jokes, nothing could be more funny and humorous than this. Yes, it is true that the actual taste of funny jokes comes only in Indian language. The reason is that, this is the language that provides comfort to both writer and reader to explain and understand the nature of jokes in well easy manner. Here are some funny Indian jokes.



1. Titanic was sinking.

Santa: How much the earth is far from here?

Banta: 1 kilo meter.

Santa jumped into the sea and asked again: "...In which direction?"

Banta: Downwards !


2. Maalik to Santa: Tu to kehta tha ke tu thakta nahi hai. Aaj fir tu sota hua paya gaya hai.

Funny Santa: Mere na thakne ka yahi to raaz hai.


3. Wife: Aji suniye, mujhe kisi mehengi jaga le ke chaliye na ji….

Husband: Chalo, tayyar ho jao…

Guess where he took her….


Petrol pump!!!


4. Teacher: raju, tum kis liye college aate ho?

Student: vidya ke khaatir

Teacher: toh ab so kyu rahe ho?

Student: aaj vidya nahi aayi hai sir


5. Patient: Doctor, yeh mera pehla operation hai. thoda dhyaan se karna.

Doctor: dara mat. yeh mera bhi pehla operation hai


6. Ramu: Sir, mere ghar mein TV chodke baaki sabki chori hogayi hai?

Police: chor ne sirf TV kisliye chodaa hoga?

Ramu: mujhe kya pataa sir? main us samay TV mein serial dekh rahaa thaa


7. Customer: yeh kya offer hai? TV liya to 10 kerchief free!!!

Salesman: TV serials dekhne ke baad aapki aansoo ponchne ke liye


8. Nurse: udhaas kyu baite ho sir?

Doctor: dopahar jiska operation kiya tha, woh mar gaya.

Nurse: arey woh to post mortem tha.

Doctor: to main subah kiska post mortem kiyaa tha

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