6 Funny Jokes to Diss Your Friends, Males, Guys or Someone

Basically diss means to show disrespect or to insult someone. It’s another meaning is to give party to friends or family but the more general meaning is to insult. In friends, it is a common trait to diss or makes confuse any other friend. Different friends get together and make one friend Target. Many a time it may happen that if someone becomes rude to you, you find it hard to reply back. In this situation you need to diss them also. For this purpose different methods are used, sometimes it is another person who trains you and sometimes you adopt some other ways to reply back in a manner that shuts the others mouths. One of the ways is to memories such funny jokes that are according to situation and favors you. Some of such jokes that can diss your friends or loved ones are as here.


1. One friend said to another: 

Have you considered suing your brains for non-support?


2. Sarah said to lucky:

So, a thought crossed your mind? It must have been a long and lonely journey.


3. Words can't describe your outfit, so I'll just throw up!

They can't measure your intelligence. The scale won't go that low.


4. A man and a child were having dinner. The child didn’t like the man because of his chewing habits. So, when the child got really irritated he suddenly spoke to the man: “Are you going to eat that apple, or gum it to death?”


5. Mendy to billi:

You'll never use your mind. You can't use what you never had.


6. A guy sitting besides his friend drinking coke said ‘oh! I can’t live without you’. 

Friend: ‘is it you or the coke?

Guy: ‘shut up! I am talking to my coke’.

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