Funny Jokes for High School Students

Intelligent students are the assets of every educational institute. You know well that the level of students vary with respect to their institute level. Here the level of institute does not mean only the standard or quality of institute, but the educational level is also here the matter of discussion. When we talk about general habits and mental level of high school students, we definitely find them more intelligent and responsible in their studies as compared to primary school students. Remember one thing! With every rising of educational level, the area of intersect of the students also become changed. This is the level where high school students start taking interest in funny activities especially reading funny stuff. Jokes become the favorite thing for high school students and they always share funny jokes with their friends via sms through their cell phones. Here are the funny jokes for high school students.



1. There was a captain sailing on the sea during a battle. His servant came up to him and the captain said, "bring me my red shirt".

So, the servant did as the captain said.

After that the servant came up to the captain and said, Why did you say bring me my red shirt"?

The captain said, "Well if i get shot they won't see the blood.

The next day the servant came up to the captain and said, "There are 50 ships on the horizon."

The captain said, "Bring me my brown pants."


2. A warthog hits this lady and the husband calls 911.

The operator asks, "Where are you at"?

The husband replies, "I'm on Eucolipstic Road."

The operator asks, "Can you spell that for me?"

"Well... I'll just drag her over to Oak so you can you pick her up there?"


3. Tom, Dick and Harry went to a party. After the party they returned to the hotel. The hotel was 600 stories high.

Unfortunately for them, the elevator was not working. They made a plan for the first 200 stories, Tom will crack jokes.

The second 200 stories Dick will tell a happy story and lastly Harry will tell a sad story.They then started up the steps

After 2 hours it was Harry's turn. He turned to the other two and said "Ok guys, here's my sad story. I forgot the keys downstairs.


4. Two little ladies were shopping in the mall when Joanne smiled: "My cat can really play chess!"

With a shocking expression, Angelina praised Joanne's cat: "Really? It must be very smart!"

Just when Angelina finished her sentence, Joanne said:" Well... Actually, I don't know about that. I usually win three out of four times."


5. There were 3 guys walking in the woods and they came across this huge hole in the path.

The 1st guy says "Lets throw some rocks in the hole and see how deep it is." So thats what they did only they didn't hear it hit bottom.

So the 2nd guy says "I saw a log back there lets get that and throw that in." So thats what they did.

Then this old farmer comes walking up and says "Have you seen my goat go by here?"

The 3rd guy replies "We saw one jump down in that hole."

The farmer replies "That couldn't have been my goat. He was tied to a log."


6. One day there was a rabbit and a snake who were both growing old and could not remember what animal they were.

"OK I'll describe you and then see if you can guess what you are." said the snake.

"That's a good idea." said the rabbit.

"You are white, fluffy, and you have big ears and feet." said the snake.

"Oh good, I'm a rabbit! So the rabbit says, "You are long, slim, and have a forked tongue."

"Oh NO, I'm a lawyer! 

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