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Every person has its own as well as entirely different choice in the selection of reading material and this reveals the nature and thinking of that person about life and other people. You cannot compel anyone forcibly to read the material that he or she does not like even its educational syllabus. This is right and lots of examples are everywhere around us that tell us that when parents compel their children to read some course that student has no interest in it, he always becomes fail in getting success. So, it is wise to give freedom to readers that they should select their interesting topics to read. When they will do that, we can see the progress rate in well grooming manner. So, if you have interest in reading some funny jokes, I am here to entertain you by the funniest collection of jokes that you must read to make your time happy and humorous.



1. Teacher : Correct the sentence, “A bull and a cow is grazing in thefield”

Student : A cow and a bull is grazing in the field.

Teacher : Why?

Student : Ladies first.


2. A man walks into a butcher’s shop and inquires of the butcher: “Are you a gambling man?” The butcher says “Yes”, so the man said: “I bet you fifty bucks that you can’t reach up and touch that meat hanging on the hooks up there.” The butcher says “I’m not betting on that.” “But I thought you were a gambling man” the man retorts. “Yes I am” says the butcher “but the steaks are too high.”


3. My grandfather always said, "Don't watch your money; watch your health." So one day while I was watching my health, someone stole my money. It was my grandfather.


4. There's two muffins in the oven.

One says "Man! Its burning up in here!"

The other one says "Hey look! A talking Muffin!!!"


5.  What is the difference between a woman and a magnet?

Magnets have a positive side!


6. Patient: Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps on copying me!

Doctor: Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps on copying me!


7. Q. Why did the tomato turn red?

A. It saw the salad dressing!

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