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Leprechaun is the name of very character that is the part of Irish fairy tales. Leprechaun is the character of an imaginary old man that wears red or green coat and crazy about collecting the coins. He is the man that makes shoes that store its gold coins in pot that he puts in the rainbow. When any person catches the Leprechaun, he offers him to show three of his wishes as Leprechaun has the power to fulfill the three wishes of any person. This is very beautiful story that children like very much all over the world. Being the favorite fairy tale of many children, there is lot of funny material available about Leprechaun at various sites of internet. This is the blog about funny Leprechaun jokes that I have collected from various internet sites just for you. In fact, these are the funniest jokes about Leprechaun that you have read about this funny Irish character.



1. 'How far is it to the next village?' asked the American tourist.

'It's about seven miles,' guessed the leprechaun. 'But it's only five if you run!'


2. What does a leprechaun call a happy man wearing green?

A jolly green giant.


3. Two leprechauns have just opened a restaurant for small people on the moon.  It serves marvellous cheese dishes, but the atmosphere is terrible.


4. Why do leprechans laugh when they run?

Because the grass tickles their nuts!


5. Where were you leprechauns going when I saw you coming back?

I ran after you, but when I caught up to you you'd gone.


6. Two Leprechauns have just won 500,000 in the Irish lottery and they are now having a pint in O'Malley's bar.

Timothy turns to say to Seamus and says, 'What about all them begging letters?'

Seamus replies, 'Oh, we'll just carry on sending them.'

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