Funny Men vs Women Jokes

Gone were the days when there was a vast difference between rights of men and women. In the past, women were not allowed to get higher education, do some job as well as get participated in the games. In fact, this was all due to lack of education in the past. With the development of societies by means of higher education, people realized that getting education for women is as necessary as for men. One most important thing that people realized was that, it is not possible to produce civilized and developed society without educated mothers. So the current situation is entirely different. Today, we can see working women in every field of life side by side with men and this is all due to developed minds thanks to education. Well, it does not mean that we cannot compare men with women in many respects, as nature can never be changed. Here are some jokes about men vs women.



1. Susan was having a tough day and after returning home she started complaining

She said to her husband, "Nobody loves me....nobody cares for me... the whole world hates me!"

Her husband, watching TV said casually: "That's not true dear. You are not that famous that whole world hates you. Some people don't even know you."


2. If Mary, Susan, Claire and Barbara go out for lunch, they will call each other Mary, Susan, Claire and Barbara.

If John, Brad, Tony and Daniel go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Bruno, Scrappy, Peanut-Head and Godzilla.


3. A man will pay $10 for a $5 item he needs.

A woman will pay $5 for a $10 item that she doesn't need, because it's on sale.


4. A man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, a bar of soap, and a towel from the Motel.

The average number of items in a woman's bathroom is 328. The average man would not be able to identify most of them.


5. A woman worries about the future -- until she gets a husband.

A man never worries about the future -- until he gets a wife.

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