Funny Monkey Jokes

When we go to zoo, we see lots of animals and birds and monkey is one of the most prominent animals among all other animals. This is just because of funny attitude of monkey. Just tell me one thing that what will you do in the zoo, if the monkey would be not in the zoo. It looks quite funny to ask this question. Of course, you will say that you will see other animals. However, will you enjoy in the zoo? Now, I am sure that you cannot enjoy as much with other animals as with monkeys. The reason is that, this is the monkey that reply our actions with its humorous actions and do such funny acrobats that we cannot live without enjoying. This thing makes monkey the favorite animal of not only children, but elders as well. So, I am going to amuse by telling some very funny jokes about your favorite animal that is not other than, but monkey.



1. Q: What do you do with a blue monkey?

A: Cheer it up!


2. Q. What do you call a monkey at the North Pole?

A. Very lost!


3. Q: What did the banana say to the monkey?

A: Nothing. Bananas don't talk!


4. Q. Why did the monkey cross the road?

A. Because it was the chicken's day off!


5. Q. What is smarter than a talking monkey?

A. A spelling bee!


6. Q. What do you call a Monkey in a garden?

A. A Plant Manger!!

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