Funny Navy Submarine Jokes

Armed forces are considered as a back bone for any country. Navy plays a very important role in the defense. Navy protects the waters of country and takes care of all maritime rules and regulation. A large number of ships of various sizes are included in navy. It also owns helicopters, fighter plans, boats and submarines. Submarine is very effective tool for any navy. It hides itself in the deep waters and can emerge near the ships of enemies, to destroy them. The importance of submarine increases many folds during the war, as it acts as a secret weapon and can protect water boundaries. Navy officials spends a long time away from their families, so many funny jokes are associated with navy, especially submarines. On submarine there is very little water for use and little space for sleep, this situation leads to some funny moments. Here are some funny jokes about navy submarines.



1. Having passed the enlistment physical, Jon was asked by the doctor, "Why do you want to join the Navy submarine, son?" 
"My father said it'd be a good idea, Sir." 
"Oh? And what does your father do?" 
"He's in the Army, Sir.


2. A new ensign assigned to submarines was eager to impress his commanding officer with all the knowledge he had picked up at submarine school. 
 After listening patiently for five minutes, the senior officer said: "Listen, it's simple. Add the number of times we dive to the number of times we surface. Divide that number by two. If the result doesn't come out even, don't open the hatch.


3. Why does the USMC put Marines on ships?

So the Navy has someone to dance with underway.


4. Submarines are safer than airplanes. Proof in the fact is there are more airplanes in the water than submarines in the air! 


5. Little Willie asked his mother: "Mamma, don't sailors ever go to heaven?"

"Of course they do!" protested his mother. "What makes you ask?"

"There are so many sailors with beards but I never saw any pictures of angels with beards."

"Oh, that's because most men who go to Heaven get there by a close shave."

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