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Rajnikanth is a famous Indian actor, writer and producer who started his career as an actor in 1975. His most of the work belongs to Tamil cinema and he is truly considered as a Tamil superstar. It does not mean that Rajnikanth has not worked in Hindi language movies. His work in both languages is superb and has ability to spell bund the audience. The specialty of this evergreen hero is its humorous attitude and funny behavior that has become a part of its routine life. There are many funny things that you can relate with Rajnikanth. The most favorite are jokes that many Rajnikanth fans have created just to promote his hero all over the globe. If you are also a huge fan of Rajnikanth and want to read some really funny aspects of his life, especially in the form of jokes. You can avail this opportunity here in the form of very funny Rajnikanth jokes.


1. one DAY, naasa scientists found something is flying in mars. they become happy and shouts – ‘life on mars, life on mars’

later they found




Rajnikant was flying a kite on mars from earth……………..



2. WeN RaJnIkAnT was a student


?Teachers used to bunk class…


3. Gf: Mera koi picha karte rehta hai…

Rajni: ok..

Nxt day…

Gf: Hey… where the hell is My Shadow????



4. Rajnikant’s ammunition suddenly got over and a villain came in front of him and instantly died coz,




Rajnikant shouted “DHISHKYAAOON”



5. Someday Rajnikanth got angry wit her mother n threw away her dinner set

Today people refer to them as flying saucer n ufo ]:)



6. Once James bond shoot a person and say I’m bond, James bond.


but the person catches the bullet and throw at bond & bond dies

the person says

“I m kanth, Rajnikanth”



7. Worldcup schedule








8. Headline Of Today.. Ek train cycle ki chapet main ayi.. Train main sawar sbhi log mare gaye..






News :Cycle driver “RAJNIKANT” Farrar   Ek train cycle ki chapet main ayi.. Train main sawar sbhi log mare gaye.



9. Finally scientists get success in finding actual reason of tsunami






Rajnikant was swimming in the ocean that day!



10. Once dinosaur asked Rajnikant for some money and then Rajni gave that..after few years dinosaur told Rajni that he will not return his money.frm that time

It was last tm when dinosaur appeared.

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