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Russian culture is famous all over the world for its highly appreciating art work and funny Russian literature is matchless in terms of quality and real fun for the readers. When anyone plans its visit to Russia, the first inspiring thing that he comes in front us is the love of Russian for art and culture. The best example of this art love is those weird structures that you can see at various places all over Russia. Moreover, the love of Russian people for other fields of art like poetry, stories etc. can be unveiled by finding some funny literature in Russian language. When we read funny Russian jokes, we realize that this is the real funny stuff for which we were waiting for. So, don’t get late for making your time just chill and go through these funny Russian jokes that I have collected just for you. I am sure that you will share these with your loved ones as well.



1. What is 150 yards long and eats potatoes?

A Moscow queue waiting to buy meat.


2. What's meant by an exchange opinions in the Communist party of the Soviet Union?

It's when I come to a party meeting with my own opinion, and I leave with the party's.


3. In the Olympics, a Soviet hammer thrower set a new record. Correspondents interviewed him.

"How did you manage to hurl that hammer so far?"

"If it were together with a sickle, I would send it twice as far."


4. A man parked his car in the Red Square in Moscow. A policeman rushed to him, shouting, "Are you crazy? Here is where the government is!"

"No problem," the man answered, "I've good locks in my car."


5. A Russian's donkey went missing. Russian was praying and thanking.

A Sardar saw him and asked, "Your donkey is missing; Why are thanking?"

Russian: I am thanking because I wasn't riding the donkey at that time, otherwise I would also have been missing.

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