11 Funny Short Jokes to Break Tension and Brighten Someone's Day

Jokes are the best thing to make someone laugh. They provide us the short term pleasure and are the source of spending some quality time. The main purpose of these jokes is to forget the worries of life and just cheer up. So, while cracking or sharing a joke this must be kept in mind that it doesn’t insult anyone. One of the best usages of jokes can be that they can cheer that person up who is badly engulfed in some tension or worry. These jokes can make him forget his/her tension for time being. If this reason is kept in mind then one also thing comes in mind that these funny jokes must be really funny and short and must have some message in them, message that gives the person courage to face the realities of the life with a much lighter mood.


1. Teacher: what is stress?

Student: stress is what when you wake up screaming and realize that you haven’t fallen asleep yet.


2. Secretary: sir why are you staring at me?

A bad attitude boss“I am just trying to imagine you with a personality”


3. Friend 1: OMG I can’t find the answer of the question “Where was the declaration of independence signed?”

Student: do worry just tell “At the bottom of the page.”


4. Interviewer to the female scholar: “what is your opinion about men?”

 Woman: “not all men are annoying. Some are dead also”.


5. Never say I failed 100 times, instead, just say I found 100 ways to do this task.

Moral: be stubborn but don't accept your mistake.


6. Teacher: in which state the D river flows?

Student: in liquid state.


7. Interviews are like Girl friends

too many questions

Difficult to understand

More explanation is needed

Result is always fail! But don't worry they come and go.


8. I asked to a palmist: why I am not married yet?

Palmist said: “if nature wants you to enjoy freedom what can I do?”


9. Human brain is the most outstanding object in world.

It functions 24hrs a day, 365days a year. 

And stops only when we enter the examination hall. But don't you take tension because you don't have that.


10. Birth, Death comes once in life.

Love comes once in life.

Marriage comes once in life.


why do these bloody bills comes again & again?


11. Q: what is the best way to do a difficult task?

A: give that to a lazy person, he will definitely find an easy way to do that difficult task.

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