8 Funny Short Jokes to Insult Friends, Guys and Girls

Obviously, jokes have always funny meanings. However, still there are different types of jokes in terms of nature. Some jokes could be just for sake of amusement and don’t have any harsh meanings that would be a source of broken heart for people. On the other hand, some jokes are such as that becomes the source of insult for other ones. If you really want to do the later, then you should find such funny short jokes that could be a source of insult for your friend, guys and girls. The best thing is that, in this way you can do all that what you want with your friend and your collar will be still white. Here, I have collected some very funny jokes to insult friends, guys and girls. So, just read these jokes and fulfill your aim in a cool and weird way.



1: Girlfriend: I will marry you when you do some work of bravery..

Boyfriend: I am agree to marriage you, it is not less than a work of bravery!


2. Q: What is the difference between motorbike and boyfriend?

A: Well, bike is first kicked than used and boyfriend is first used than kicked...


3. Boyfriend: Dear do you know that exams are like girlfriend?

Girlfriend: How funny?

Boyfriend: Yes, they are tough to understand, complicated, lots of questions and the result is always doubtful..


4. Girlfriend: Are your sure that you love me only?

Boyfriend: Yes dear, i have checked my whole list..


5. The prospective son-in-law was asked by his girlfriend's father..

Son, are you able to support a family?

Son in law: Well, no, sir,' he replied. I was just planning to support your daughter..

The rest of you will have to find for yourselves.!!


6. Boyfriend: Please keep me in your brain not in heart..

Girlfriend: How funny, why not heart?

Boyfriend: Because more empty space means more comfort!!


7. Boyfriend: I love you, I could die for you.

Girlfriend: How soon??

Boyfriend: What a joke...


8. Boyfriend: Amazing world, only 25% boys have mind, very short figure!!

Girlfriend: what about Rest?

Boyfriend: Well, rests have GIRLFRIENDS!!

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