11 Funny Short Jokes to Lighten Up the Mood and Day

Imagine! You are doing your routine job in an office and suddenly your boss came to you with anger at his face. His behaves very rudely with you and do not listen any word in terms of explanation. Obviously, after that, your mood will be off and this can be seen by your face expressions. Now, your colleague comes to you and utters a sweet but short joke in your ear and the joke is related to boss attitude. There will be definitely a sweet smile on your face and your mood will be lightening. Similarly, your day is no more as boring and full of tension, as before listening joke. Here, I have a beautiful collection of such very funny but short jokes. If you are sitting with some upset mood, then don’t worry at all. Just read these jokes and lighten up your mood as well as day. 



1. Customer: What is the surety of this LCD?

Salesman: It is so good that If you throw it from 50 feet, it will not break till 49 feet..

Customer: Great, pack it.


2. Michal: Do you know why women can't drive?

Lucy: Because there no road between the kitchen and the bedroom!


3. Teacher: What is the plural of mouse?

Student: Mice

Teacher: What is the plural of baby?

Student: Twins..


4. Customer: How do you know a salesman is lying?

Friend: His lips are moving !!


5. Britney: What is the example of positive thinking of short people?

Jazz: I am not short, i am fun sized...


6. Professor: Why you were missing from last 2 days?

Student: I only have one short uniform and that was washed day before yesterday

Professor: And what about yesterday?

Student: I was passing through your home and found your dress drying so i returned back !!


7. Customer: Is the mineral water you sell healthy?

Shopkeeper: Yes sir, we sale only well water.(water from a well)


8. Jazz: My wife got me to believe in region..

Mack: Very funny.. How come?

Jazz: I experienced hell after marriage..


9. Teacher: You scored zero marks on 500 words article..

Student: But i did well..

Teacher: You painted a picture..

Funny student: But that painting is worth 50 words..


10. 1st Man: There are many funny stupid people.

2nd Man: God must love stupid people. He made So many.


11. Rat1: I am so brave that i caught in rat trap and bit it very easily..

Rat2: Not done, me digested the whole bottle of rat poison and enjoyed..

Rat3: Bye, it is my time to go home to irritate the cat...

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