6 Funny Short Jokes to Live By and Lift Spirits

Enthusiasm is the no doubt, the key of success in everyone’s life. Without passion and devotion, all your work will not have any value in the eyes of other people.  Now, if any person has loses his hope of success due to successive failure in his life, then what thing could create a spark in his life. Have you any idea? Is these are the quotes of some intelligent persons or stories of some successful persons. No, it is not at all. The person, who has loosened all his hope, will not be agreeing to hear some piece of advice. If you are a true friend of such person and want to pull out him from such a miserable condition, then just take the support of short funny jokes. Yes, these are the short funny jokes that could not only create spark in his life, but also a best source of live by and lift spirit as well.



1. Patient: I have one problem..

Doctor: which problem?

Patient: When i talk i can not see the person.

Doctor: when it happens?

Patient: On the Phone.


2. Owner to Gardner: Go and water the plants.

Gardner: Sir, it is raining..

Owner: No excuses, please, use umbrella..


3. Mom: Do you know the full form of math?

Son: Yes, it is mentally affected teacher harassing students!!


4. Q: What to do to spend happy life with women?

A: Well, you must love her and not try to understand her..


5. A boy said to a girl: "Come in my heart and stay here forever".

Girl replied:-"Should i remove my sleepers???"

Boy: "No dear, its not a temple , come without removing!!!!!"


6. Engineer: Please drag the help folder to the right of the screen..

Funny client: Sir, your right or mine?

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