7 Funny Short Jokes to Make a Sad Person Smile and Happy

Jokes are typically for the entertainment of our loved ones as well as friends. In fact, a joke is a phrase or a paragraph with humorous meanings. Jokes can be employed by workers as a way to identify with their jobs. This use of humor and cracking jokes helps employees differentiate themselves from the people they serve while also assisting them in identifying with their jobs. In addition to employees, managers use joking, or jocularity, in strategic ways. You can also say that the tough working environment can ruin the personality of a man due to consistent tension.  Ultimately, the working person remains sad in its life. If you know any such person and want to pull out him from such tense environment, here is a key solution of this. Yes, I am talking about some funny but short jokes that could make a sad person smile and happy as well. 



1. Husband: One short cup coffee..

Wife: What?? Ask again!!

Husband: can I get for you, dear?

Wife: OK, that's better..


2. Patient: I have one problem..

Doctor: which problem?

Patient: When I talk I cannot see the person.

Doctor: when it happens?

Patient: On the Phone.


3. Man: There is short dead beetle in my soup.

Waiter: Yes, boss, they are not very good swimmers..


4. A gentleman is out to dinner with his wife to celebrate her fortieth birthday. He says

"So what would you like, my dear? A Jaguar, a Sable coat or a diamond necklace?

She says," If you don’t mind, I want a divorce."

He says, " I wasn't planning on spending that much."


5. Old man: this dish tastes funny.

Wife: Funny? Then why are you not laughing?


6. Wife to Husband - "You know you remind me of the Ocean! "

Husband: "What you mean wild and untamed!”

Wife: No, you make me sick!


7. Man: Waiter, this coffee is like mud.

Waiter: Yes sir, its fresh ground.

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