8 Funny Short Jokes to Make You, Her, Him Laugh or Smile

This is a matter of fact that to impress someone, the best way is nothing but to tell a funny joke. Remember one thing! Not all jokes are funny, only those jokes become the source of fun for your loved ones that have simplicity, neatness, a definite boundary and something like this. Some people are good at telling jokes, but have no idea how the jokes come out of their mouths. These people are naturally funny. But if you are not one of such people or have always had a problem with being funny, don’t worry at all.  After reading these jokes, you would be able to not only make your company better but can also get an idea to make such jokes at your own. I think we should not waste more time and start reading these funny jokes. These are the jokes that really could make you; her and him smile or laugh.



1. Once a short man asked: What is the difference between watch and wife?

Short friend replied: If a watch gets angry, it stops but if wife gets angry, she starts..


2. Friend 1: Is your refrigerator running?

Friend 2: Yes. Why?

Friend 1: Well you better go catch it!


3. Father: Tell me, what do you do, when nothing goes right?

Son: It is very short and simple dad, i go LEFT!


4. Once brain walks into bar and says "can i have a pint of beer please..?"

The barman looks at him and replies "Sorry i can not serve you"

"Why not?" asks the brain 

"Because you are already out of your head..."


5. Salesman: Miss, you will look very attractive in this dress.

Lady: I like it but i don't like its color.

Salesman: Oh, don't about it, the color will disappear after the first wash.!!!


6. A man calls a policeman over claiming to have witnessed a crime;

Witness: This man has been murdered!

Policeman: Badly?

Witness: No, very well, he's dead!


7. Person 1: Have you heard the one about the butter?

Person 2: No.

Person 1: Well, I can't tell you or else you'll spread it.


8. Salesman to a kid: is your mother at home?

kid replied: yes.

Salesman: rang the bell four time, but no one comes out.

Salesman asked kid: you said she is at home??

Kid: yes, she is at home , but it is not a place where i live.

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