11 Funny Short Jokes to Break the Ice with a Girl or Guy

It is said that if we want to survive in the society we have to have friends and we must be nice to others. Society, which is obviously made up by people, initially contains unknowns. Like, at our first day in class all are unfamiliar to each other. There is tension and anxiety in the class. So there should be some techniques to break the ice between the individuals. There are several techniques for this purpose and these are obviously 100% useful. One of the most common techniques is to introduce you first. This will help you to communicate further and also it will help the other person to have a chance to speak to you. This rule or technique can be used anywhere where you are unknown to others. Another technique which also works is that you can take the bolster of some funny jokes. This will reduce the tension as well as the oddity in the atmosphere.


1. Knock knock!!

Who’s there?


Who who?

Is there an owl in here?


2. Boy: do you have the cell number of any angel?

Girl: sorry, no.

Boy: because one of their friends has lost on earth


3. One classmate to another: there is so much silence in the class, lets discuss why it is.


4. Knock Knock!!

Who’s there?


Lemonade who?

Lemonade I. Introduce you to my friend!!


5. Question: if you were a vegetable, what would you like to be??

Answer: the one kept in your refrigerator.


6. I am new in the town. So, would you please join me to find where my home is? Or should we go to yours?


7. Excuse me how much does a polar bear weigh? 

I don't know.

 Just enough to break the Ice...


8. Did you drop something? 


Your conversation, so let's pick it up right here.


9. Are you bored? 

No, why?

But I am. So, let’s talk.


10. Where is your mother? 


Because you're too young to be here without a grown-up 



11. Boy to girl: are you some thief or what?

Girl: no why?

Boy:  Because someone stole the eyes and now they are there in your eyes.

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