6 Funny Short Jokes to Kick From Party

Parties are no doubt, a cool part of our routine life. Cool party means, we consider every that get-to-gather a cool party that has been arranged just for sake of enjoyment. I think, this is the best source of releasing tension in present era. You have surely observed one thing that party is that refreshment that sucks all your tensions and worries and provide a light and fresh mind setup. Now, we talk about such parties that become the source of annoyance for us. These are such parties in which we found such guests that we don’t want to see in front of us. Now, the best way to kick out such people from parties is nothing, but to utter some insulting but funny jokes. If you are also facing such situation, here is a beautiful collection of very funny short jokes to kick out the hated persons from party. 



1: Husband was waving his arms at home and searching..

Wife: What are doing?

Husband: Killing ants and i killed 2 male and 3 female ants..

Wife: How do you know about male and female?

Husband: 2 were on beer can and 3 were on cell phone.


2. Wishing you happy independence day.

Oh sorry, this massage is only for singles..

Married people, please ignore it.


3. Funny customer asked to the shopkeeper, “What do you have for graying hair?”

The Shopkeeper replied, “Nothing but the highest respect Sir.”!!!


4. Neighbor: I noticed that your daughter is mostly in the kitchen.

Probably she loves cooking so many varieties.

Her little brother instantly replied: NO, actually our telephone connection is in the kitchen.


5. A student, who is studying English as a foreign language,

was confused when he saw the words "open here" on a box of

laundry soap, so he asks the clerk, "Can't I wait until

I get home to open it?"


6. Teacher: if you want to make your character good, then say all woman 'Mother'.

Student: well that will make my character good, but that what about my Father??

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