Funny Sick Jokes

Health is wealth and we realize the meaning as well as importance of this famous saying at that time, when we become sick. Of course, sickness is the cruelest condition that we ever face. No doubt, we face different types of hardships and problems in our daily life. Some are related to our jobs and some are of domestic nature. However, a brave man can face all types of such problems that he face in its daily life. The only thing that make a person weak both physically and mentally and he finds some support of its loved ones in that situation is the sickness. Yes, this is the sickness that leaves a person helpless and everything becomes meaningless for him. Well, there are still some people that take their illness even in humorous way and they know well how to cheer up in such miserable condition. Here are some funny jokes about sickness.



1. I was very scared about going to the eye doctor to get a certain procedure done on my eyes. The doctor tried to put me at ease but to no avail. It was after he finished with my first eye that I nearly jumped out of the chair. “There there”, he said “only one eye left!”


2.  Mother – I need to speak to the doctor, it’s an emergency, my infant has a temperature of 101.

Doctor to Secretary – Find out how she’s taking the temperature.

Secretary – How are you taking it?

Mother – Oh, I’m holding up OK.


3. So this old man goes to the doctor and the doctor says, “You’re test

results came back and I’m afraid I have some bad news. You have Cancer

and you have Alzheimer’s”. The old man says, “That ain’t so bad, at

least I don’t have Cancer!”


4. A doctor remarked on his patients, ruddy complexion. “I know” the patient said “It’s high blood pressure, it’s from my family. “Your mother’s side, or father’s side?” questioned the doctor. Neither, my wife’s. “What?” the doctor said “that can’t be, how can you get it from your wife’s family?” “Oh yeah,” the patient responded, “You should meet them sometime!”


5. Patient: Doctor! I have a serious problem. I can never remember what I just said.

Doctor: When did you first notice this problem?

Patient: What problem?


6. An Old man went to the doctor complaining of a terrible pain in his leg. “I am afraid it’s just old age”, replied the doctor, “there is nothing we can do about it.” “That can’t be” fumed the old man, “you don’t know what you are doing.” “How can you possibly know I am wrong?” countered the doctor. “Well it’s quite obvious,” the old man replied, “my other leg is fine, and it’s the exact same age!”

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