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Steven Wright is the name of a famous comedian who writes different sorts of funny stuff for its readers and people always wait for some new funny material from their beloved comedian. The most famous genres written by Steven Wright are one liners, paraprosdokian and jokes. Steven Wright has got lots of awards and honors for its splendid humorous work. It is fact that the humorous work of Steven Wright is not only popular among elders but children are also crazy to read the funny stuff of this famous American comedian. It is not that only Americans love to read the funny work of Steven Wright, he is equally famous in all parts of the world just like in United States. If anybody loves with funny jokes, it is impossible that he would be unaware of the funny stuff written by Steven Wright. Here is some funny jokes collection that is from the wide from the Steven Wright.



1. I went to the bank and asked to borrow a cup of money. They said, "What for?" I said, "I'm going to buy some sugar."


2. I went to this restaurant last night that was set up like a big buffet in the shape of an Ouija board. You'd think about what kind of food you want, and the table would move across the floor to it.


3. I love to go shopping. I love to freak out salespeople. They ask me if they can help me, and I say, "Have you got anything I'd like?" Then they ask me what size I need, and I say, "Extra medium."


4. I saw a close friend of mine the other day. He said, "Stephen, why haven't you called me?" I said, "I can't call everyone I want. My new phone has no five on it." He said, "How long have you had it?" I said, "I don't know . . . my calendar has no sevens on it."


5. One time the power went out in my house and I had to use the flash on my camera to see my way around. I made a sandwich and took fifty pictures of my face. The neighbors thought there was lightning in my house.


6. The other night I came home late, and tried to unlock my house with my car keys. I started the house up. So, I drove it around for a while. I was speeding, and a cop pulled me over. He asked where I lived. I said, "Right here, officer." Later, I parked it on the freeway, got out, and yelled at all the cars, "Get out of my driveway!"

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